Improving your websites could be challenging considering that you will have to revise your code very much in order to make your websites run quicker. Nevertheless, it is possible to enhance your website’s efficiency, without having to transform anything in the backend. With the aid of the Web Site Accelerator Programs, utilized in the Hosting Control Panel, you can make your sites stream and operate faster than ever. This will not simply benefit your clients (everyone enjoys the site they are checking out to come up rapidly), but also will help your website get better rankings in search engine listings.

Making use of the Web Site Accelerator Programs is in fact convenient. Simply go to your Hosting Control Panel and discover just how each web accelerator application functions.


RAM–caching in place of data–base queries

In case you have a busy database–operated website or web application, it could possibly have problems loading quickly for the website visitors due to the numerous requests delivered to the data base. To aid you address the web–page running trouble, we have incorporated the Memcached tool in the Hosting Control Panel.

Memcached is really an impressive distributed memory object caching platform, which caches information and objects in the server’s RAM to prevent the data base from being queried any time a visitor opens a selected web page. This way, your website pages will load a lot quicker for customers and definately will improve the possibility for them to return.

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RAM–saving rather than HTTP calls

Utilizing the Varnish website accelerator integrated into’s Hosting Control Panel, you can make your website pages load quickly for your site visitors. All configuration settings are performed using an easy to use interface, without having to make any kind of direct modifications to the program code of your website.

Varnish is really an HTTP acceleration tool that can help all web pages come up a lot faster by storing them inside the server’s memory. That way, after a webpage has already been opened up by a visitor in the past, it does not need to be brought from the hosting server any longer, which in turn lowers website loading speeds and then speeds up your webpages. It has been tested that Varnish often enhances website loading times with a factor of 300 – 1000x.

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An excellent way to build adaptable applications

If you’d like to produce a web app, it’s best to have the tools you need accessible to you right away, without having to seek, compile and have them installed. Our Hosting Control Panel will save you both time and energy, by supplying you with the equipment you will want right when you need it.

The Node.js software will allow coders, whether or not they’re specialists or not, to construct scalable network applications and sites. It’s using the Google V8 JavaScript engine as well as the libUV. Node.js takes advantage of an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that makes it compact plus useful, perfect for data–loaded live web apps operating over distributed devices.

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